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Commodore Software Protection Library

Scanned by contributors to the Bombjack Commodore Archive (including ShadowM, Golan, DemongerX, Gene, Newtek, DMackey and others), this collection of Commodore Protection instruction books and manuals were created through the years to address software protection removal on a variety of Commodore computers, including the VIC-20 and Commodore 64.


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Topics: cartridge, eprom, program, chip, routine, basic, promos, memory, handbook, ram, memory location,...
Commodore Software Protection Library
by Gelfand, Ralf, Mitverf. oth (DE-101)111563968; Data-Becker GmbH (DE-101)007250991
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Topics: die, das, und, den, mit, des, lda, auf, das programm, ein, nach dem, auf die, mit dem, der floppy,...
Commodore Software Protection Library
by David Thom and Vic Numbers, PSIDAC
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Software Pirate's Handbook for the VIC-20, by David Thom and Vic Numbers. (Book Two - SPH-64) Illustrations and cover design by Ace Campbell, from PSIDAC.
Topics: ram, block, program, ldfl, cassette, software, tapeworm, jsr, tape, cartridge, cassette recorder,...
Topics: program, disk, memory, lda, byte, ppmii, data, code, bytes, routine, custom dos, protection scheme,...
Topics: program, disk, protection, file, cont, track, byte, revealed, buffer, hex, machine language, label...
Topics: disk, parm, module, pak, kracker, located, copier, fast, jax, ultrabyte, parm single, parameters...
Commodore Software Protection Library
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Topics: program, disk, code, error, track, routine, load, copy, csm, compendium, good copy, machine...
Topics: code, disk, load, file, backup, memory, protection, drive, program, bytes, disk log, boot file,...
Topics: press, key, insert, copy, disk, cursor, turn, enter, kracker, diskette, formatted disk, activision...
Topics: parameters, pak, kracker, mirror, super, oldies, disk, jax, activision, golden, nibbler included,...
Topics: sync, error, gcr, tracks, disks, copy, bytes, track, read error, protections, copy protection, copy...
Topics: lda, sta, gggggggggggggggg, track, disk, sync, loop, data, header, code, job code, data block,...
Topics: hit, disk, copy, enter, kracker, pak, byte, insert, cursor, diskette, original diskette, kracker...
Topics: program, disk, protection, jsr, basic, bytes, memory, programs, error, lda, memory location, jsr...
Topics: code, disk, load, kracker, track, file, memory, hesmon, jax, protection, disk doctor, start...
Commodore Software Protection Library
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Topics: backup, program, code, disk, memory, bytes, load, file, monitor, protection, minute backup,...
Topics: code, drive, protection, iii, revealed, routine, data, disk, load, geos, entry point, protection...